Save employees up to £200/year on their everyday shopping with Ink Rewards

Save employees up to £200/year on their everyday shopping with Ink Rewards

When buying Christmas presents this year, an increasing number of us will do this through a smartphone or tablet rather than trekking around the streets of our nearest city centre. It would seem that, in the battle of “bricks vs. clicks”, the clicks are winning.

With around £133 billion being spent online with UK retailers last year, everything from your supermarket shop through to the holiday of a lifetime can be bought with a couple of taps on a screen, without leaving the comfort of your armchair. As people spend more of their hard-earned cash online than ever before, we’re all looking out for the best deals and to get value for money.

Although we’re likely to shop around for expensive items, things like our supermarket shop and clothes tend to be purchased from a small number of retailers that we know and trust. Websites offering 70% off the latest drone or 80% off a bikini wax may generate interesting headlines, but most of us are looking to save on everyday items, rather than the bigger “one-off” treats.

Employers know that it would create a positive buzz amongst employees if they could help them save money today on their everyday shopping, especially amongst employees who are feeling the financial squeeze. A recent survey by group risk provider Ellipse found that employees aged 16-24 rated a retail or leisure discounts scheme more valuable than all other benefits, apart from a workplace pension.

Ink Rewards is an online portal that allows your employees to access a huge variety of discounts and cashback from major retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA, M&S and John Lewis. As well as supermarkets, there’s high street stores such as Argos, Debenhams, River Island and Boots. In the leisure section, there’s money to be saved on hotels, flights and days out.

Ink Rewards can be branded with your company logo, and so employees make the positive connection between working for you and saving money whenever they buy goods or vouchers through the portal. The average employee could save over £200 every year by using the portal when shopping. Ink Rewards is priced to ensure it’s affordable for even the smallest employer, and we think you’ll be surprised at just how inexpensive this benefit is to provide when compared to the benefit.

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