Life at Ink – Agnieszka Wyatt (Account Manager)

Life at Ink – Agnieszka Wyatt (Account Manager)

Agnieszka joined our team in March 2016, having competed with a strong bank of candidates for a trainee Account Manager role in HR.  Agnieszka demonstrated to us that she was bright, enthusiastic, happy to ‘muck in’, and not fazed by the weight and variety of client calls we receive on a daily basis.

In a short period of time, Agnieszka’s role has expanded to include account managing in our payroll bureau.  To do this, a steep learning curve has been scaled, and Agnieszka has made it look easy.  She is now the key link between our payroll clients and our operators.  She oversees the quality of the outputs, and ensures we keep the payroll plates spinning without any compromise to our core HR services.

Longer term, Agnieszka is developing her employment law knowledge with a view to supporting the HR compliance work that we do.  We asked Agnieszka to tell us about her experience on the team …


Q:           How have you coped with the learning journey around payroll?

A:           I think the journey is on-going!  I can’t see it ever really stopping, and I’m pleased about that.  I feel it gives me even more opportunity to build my relationship with clients, and to work in partnership with them.


Q:           What do you do to stay on top of your professional development?

A:           I speak to Ruth, and learn every day with the work that we do.  I do a lot of online reading – HR management websites and so on – and I am currently researching some formal professional development, which the Company is supporting me with.

I do feel that there’s a huge amount of professional learning here … just by doing the job on a daily basis.  If I don’t know the answer to a client’s query I will never assume; I will always research properly to get it right.  That’s excellent learning for me.


Q:           It must have been strange to join a new company after 8 years with your previous employer.  What were the biggest hurdles to overcome? 

A:           I had to get my head around the fact that rather than being the most experienced person in the company (which I was in my last job) I would be the newbie!  I had to be prepared for not having all the answers and for being ‘consciously incompetent’.   But actually, it’s not a bad thing to recognise that you won’t know everything; you can’t possibly learn if you assume that you do.


Q:           How do you rate the systems and processes we are developing here at Ink?

A:           Not sure how to rate them … they are a work in progress because it’s a developing company.  What I do know is that we have a good HR system for our clients; we are exploring better ways of using technology for payroll; and I’m a particularly big fan of Xero, which we’re using for accounting and client invoicing.


Q:           What’s the long term plan?  How do you see your career developing?

A:           I can see my future with the Company.  Being at Ink isn’t just about gaining some credits on my CV; I see it as a real opportunity for me.  As Ink grows, I hope that I will too.


Q:           As an employer, what does Ink mean for you?

A:           I get a lot of encouragement from my employers.  I feel that they show an interest in who I am as a person, and where I want to get to, professionally.  It’s really obvious that the directors really believe in the business; they are ambitious for their company, and that makes me feel the same way.


Q:           What constructive advice would you give to the directors, as your employers?  What could they do better?

A:           I don’t think they could do anything any better.  The only advice that I would offer is that they don’t change as they get bigger … I hope they will keep a hold of the ‘personal’ touch that adds so much value to me, as an employee and, I believe, to our clients too.








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