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Benefits we can help with

How we do it

Engaging with Employers

We know you want your employee benefit package to be compliant, easy to manage and to boost employee engagement and productivity.

The award-winning Ink Benefits Tracker™ service keeps you focused on these goals each quarter, with a simple 4-step approach:

DESIGN – What are you trying to achieve and why?
MANAGE – Make sure your scheme runs smoothly. Address key issues as they arise.
MEASURE – Put in place an engagement plan to ensure staff understand and value what you provide.
ENGAGE – Track your benefits spend vs budget, set KPIs and targets.

Engaging with Employees

A benefits package is only as good as its communication. If your staff don’t understand and appreciate its value, your spend is wasted.

We help you engage with staff using a range of delivery styles:

  • Online
  • Group
  • 1:1
  • Print



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