Does Home Working Work?

Does Home Working Work?

Back in August, we enjoyed a chat with Andy Brown, Founder at etc Advisory about the hidden risks of working from home. Whilst Boris & co were busily flip-flopping between ‘work from home!’; ‘get back to work!’; ‘work from home!’, employers up and down the country had to make sense of remote working, and strike a balance between keeping their people safe and their businesses afloat. Quite a challenge, really.

We have been interested in how our various clients dealt with the first lockdown and how they continue to adapt to a shifting working landscape that offers some advantages and, of course, some disadvantages too. In the webinar with Andy we explored a number of themes – to include the effect of remote working on the contractual relationship between employer and employee, and the hidden liabilities and risks for both parties.

On a practical note, we have been helping our clients to consider their short-term approach and strategy and we have been emphasising that this is about here and now. It would be a mistake, we believe, to rip up the Handbook and create a new world order of remote working that results in your business being fundamentally changed. By all means, enable temporary arrangements that you can revisit in 6 to 12 months’ time. But don’t leap into this remote working pool until you are sure you understand the strength of its currents.

Watch the webinar here.

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